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Settle Into Your New Home

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Have you finally found the house of your dreams and gone through all the stress of purchasing it? Congratulations! Now all that’s left to do is move in. No matter how much you love your new house, it will probably take a while for it to really feel like home. Here are some quick ways to get settled in and comfortable while you make the tricky transition to a new place.

Tackle Home Maintenance Tasks Immediately

Unless you purchased a newly built home, there are bound to be some home maintenance tasks that need to be addressed. Perhaps some of the walls need a fresh coat of paint, or maybe the kitchen cupboards are creaking or the windows need re-caulking. While you're at it, why not give the entire house a good deep clean? You can easily take care of these tasks yourself, but your quickest option is almost always to hire a pro. Just be sure to read online reviews and check credentials so you end up with a qualified, trustworthy contractor.

Get Decorating

When you spend a good chunk of money on a new house, you probably don't want to put a lot into decorations. However, decorating your home is an important part of making it feel like your own personal space. For example, crown molding can be a fairly inexpensive way to tie your rooms together and create an elegant atmosphere. Decorating your couch with large, comfy throw pillows can make it feel more luxurious. Finally, hanging your old artwork can quickly make your new place feel like home right away.

Unpack One Room at a Time

Unpacking your moving boxes and setting up your belongings can take a while. Instead of tackling the boxes one by one, unpack one room at a time so you have a few homey spaces from the beginning. The Spruce recommends unpacking your kitchen first, and getting your appliances hooked up and ready to use. Having your coffee pot and toaster ready to go in the morning will help a lot! After that, get your bedroom fully set up so you have a personal space to retreat to when the rest of the house feels chaotic.

Help Your Dog Adjust to the Move

You’re not the only one who is affected by your big transition. Your dog is too! Help them adjust after the move by keeping their routines consistent and bringing along all of their old stuff. According to The Bark, dogs will feel less stress during times of change if their regular routine is maintained. Avoid buying them a new bed or new water and food bowls for a while. Instead, set up a safe space with familiar items to help them feel at home more quickly. Don't forget to give your dog plenty of attention, providing treats as they explore the new house. When you do have to leave, give your pet familiar items to comfort them. These tricks will help your dog understand that the new place should be associated with positive feelings rather than stress or fear.

Don’t Get Rid of all Your Old Stuff

If you're moving to another country, it may seem most logical to purchase all new household items, but make sure you still bring along some pictures or decorations from your old home. If you can, bring some of your old furniture to mix and match it with new things so you can keep your space feeling personal and lived-in. This is better than filling your house with brand-new furniture from a big-box store, which can quickly make it feel like you're living in a catalog.

When it comes to moving, everyone will have a different approach to keeping stress levels down and getting settled in quickly. Perhaps you want to set up all your furniture in one day, or maybe all you were planning to unpack this week were your essentials. Whether you’re a huge procrastinator or the busybody that never rests, take the time to make your new space as familiar and personal as possible.


Article submission by: Brittany Fisher

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