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Senior Care: Moving Loved Ones Into Your Home

Many seniors prefer to live at home as they age. Unfortunately, they might not be able to care for themselves properly. Rather than moving a loved one to an aged care facility, you may consider moving your senior family member into your home.

While it’s obvious that having your mom or dad move in with you requires many changes, you may wonder how to prepare your home to accommodate senior needs. You’ll also need to know about other concerns you should consider. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

What Accommodations Should You Make?

Your parent’s state of mental and physical health helps to determine the types of changes you should make to your home. You can make home accommodations gradually if your loved ones are in a relatively good state, but if they are rapidly declining, the need is more immediate.

Minor projects include:

  • Installing carbon monoxide and fire alarms

  • Decluttering your home

  • Using brighter light bulbs and adding new lighting sources

  • Clearing your floors, covering electrical cords and rearranging furniture to remove fall hazards

  • Obtaining safety-related items such as monitors and cupboard locks

  • Installing raised seats and handrails in the bathroom

  • Purchasing a shower chair and applying anti-slip treatments in and around the shower

  • Buying a medical alert system with automatic fall detection.

Significant accommodations may require renovating your home. Common renovations are:

  • Bathroom modifications such as installing a walk-in bathtub or a shower seat and replacing your existing vanity with a shorter one

  • Converting garage space to a bedroom

  • Installing ramps or lift chairs

  • Building a complete bathroom on the main floor of your home

  • Replacing kitchen cupboards to have lower benchtops

  • Adding sturdy railings to stairways, decks, and patios

How Can You Pay for Home Modifications?

Making senior-accessible home modifications isn’t always expensive, but they can be costly if you make major changes. There are a few ways to provide financing for those:

  • Refinance your mortgage or apply for a home equity loan.

  • Allow your parents to assist with the costs by providing funds directly or by charging them rent.

  • Request financial help from siblings or other family members.

What Ongoing Issues You Should Prepare For?

Seniors living with you likely need varying degrees of assistance with their daily lives. You might need to help with financial matters, medical issues and medications, and household tasks like laundry and providing meals.

In-depth needs like constant supervision for those with dementia and intensive medical care may be challenging for you, especially if you have a job or underage children. Several avenues provide assistance in these cases:

  • Home health care organizations provide several services related to residential aid care, such as nursing and specialist care, home help and respite options.

  • Find out if Medicare will cover any essential medical equipment.

  • Support from others, such as joining a private Facebook group, helps you deal with the physical and emotional stress and challenges you face.

Don’t be afraid of asking other family members or friends for their input and assistance. Everyone involved benefits from having multiple sources of help.

You’ll also need to plan for their move. Your best option for a safe and successful move is to hire professionals, especially when large pieces of furniture are involved. To find reliable furniture moving companies, visit sites like Angi and compare feedback and grades from past customers.

Is It Time To Begin?

Begin preparing your home once you have determined the home modifications you need to perform. Research the multiple sources of aid you are entitled to, including practical, financial, and emotional. Remember, you don’t have to accomplish everything by yourself.

If your home isn’t large enough to accommodate your senior loved one, reach out to skilled realtor Suzi Farajiani to discuss your home-buying options!

Article submission by: Teresa Greenhill

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