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Keys to Making an Interstate Move Successful

One of the best privileges of living in the United States is the open access to various states with unique cultures, climates, and economies. If the desire for a change of scenery beckons you to put down roots elsewhere, the accompanying guidance can make your move less stressful and more productive.

Researching Your Next Location

If you're not already sure about where you want to settle next, dedicate time to investigating the state. For instance, if you want to move to California, understand the cost of living to avoid any unpleasant surprises in your bills. Recent estimates determine that a two-working-parent family needs about $76,000 yearly to make ends meet in the Golden State.

An average monthly budget for a family includes:

  • Housing and utilities: $1,568;

  • Child care: $1,300;

  • Taxes: $824;

  • Consumables: $773;

  • Health care: $522;

  • Transportation: $556;

  • Taxes: $824; and

  • Miscellaneous items like entertainment: $787.

Specific costs vary depending on the part of the state you live in. For example, San Diego County is much less expensive than San Francisco County, so pick an area that fits your lifestyle and budget. A visit to the city during weekdays and the weekend can let you check a possible commute, restaurants, shopping, and recreation.

Securing Employment

A transfer within your current company can resolve many difficulties because of having your employer's support. Some corporations will even foot part of the bill for your move. If you want to change companies, a competitor may be thrilled to acquire a hardworking employee with experience. Review company job boards and set up alerts on recruiting sites for available positions.

Moving to a new state could be the perfect opportunity to start a business. As a fresh face, you can bring something unique and exciting that fills a community's needs. Review statistics for what industries are growing and what type of loans and government funding you can access. Boost your odds of success with a solid business plan that describes your establishment and explains how you'll market and sell your products or services. Formulate a realistic budget and financial projections. Then, start a new company to detail your business structure and the responsibilities of the owners or members.

Buying a Residence

Check reviews and blogs to find an experienced real estate agent. Consultation with Suzi Farajiani can provide you with solid guidance through the homebuying process. As your representative, the agent helps you find your ideal home and can refer you to other professionals like home inspectors and real estate attorneys.

Handling the Move

Don't delay updating necessary paperwork and planning the logistics to make your move less demanding. Start to purge useless items. A good rule is if you haven't used something in the last year, donate, sell, or recycle the article. Make life easier by purchasing storage containers for objects that need better organization, minimizing packing, and unpacking with cardboard boxes.

Compare reputable moving companies. Some movers are a one-stop-shop that pack, load, and unpack for you. Another cost-effective option is renting a storage pod that the company transfers to your new locale.

Acclimating to Your New Surroundings

Look up social or professional groups before you go and make a presence there before moving. If you pay dues and phone or video conference into meetings, you can create friends and associates who are on the lookout to help you succeed before, during, and after your arrival.

Getting an appointment with a new doctor in a new area can be tricky. Fortunately, telemedicine can make booking and confirming your online doctor appointment much easier than getting an office visit. From the comfort and privacy of home, you can meet with a licensed physician who can help treat you. Should medication be necessary, the doctor can send prescriptions to your local pharmacy to pick up at your convenience. That’s one less thing for you to worry about in your new city.

Transferring to a new state opens up many exciting possibilities for wonderful experiences. Adequate preparation helps you successfully move and flourish in your new environment.

Article Submission by: Marissa Perez

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