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How to Determine Whether to Call a Professional or DIY Your Next Plumbing Repair

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Having functioning plumbing is essential to keeping your home’s water clean and running smoothly. And any time it’s disrupted, you feel it, and it significantly affects your everyday routine. That’s why it’s so important to have a trusted plumber you can call and/or acquire skills to handle certain tasks yourself. To help you determine whether you should call a pro or DIY your next plumbing repair, consider the information below, presented by Realtor Suzi Farajiani.

Reasons to Hire a Pro

Here are just a few of the many reasons to hire a professional plumber.

  • Water damage can easily happen when you’re out of your depth fixing a plumbing problem, and it can wreak havoc on your home and finances.

  • If damage occurs while an insured plumber is working on your property, they are responsible and liable for it.

  • Some plumbing projects are dangerous and can be physically taxing; a professional plumber should be used to this kind of work and have the knowledge and skills necessary to do it safely.

  • Having a pro handle your severe plumbing issues will save you ample amounts of time and energy, not to mention money if you factor in the possibility of making mistakes.

  • You should also make sure you’re hiring someone’s with a solid reputation. lists the top-rated plumbing services in Los Angeles and provides customer reviews for you to read before you hire someone.

Reasons to DIY

There are also some legitimate reasons to handle certain plumbing tasks yourself:

  • If you perform the repair correctly, it can keep you from having to pay for a pro.

  • Doing your own plumbing is a great way to learn and build your repair skills.

  • This, in turn, can help you become more self-reliant.

Common Plumbing Jobs for the Pros

Naturally, there are several repairs that should only be attempted by professionals.

  • If you undergo a major renovation that requires extensive plumbing work, such as replacing galvanized lines, that’s something to call a professional for.

  • Broken or frozen pipes are also something that you don’t want to try and fix yourself, as it could lead to a host of costly and dangerous mistakes.

  • Also, internal plumbing problems, such as those behind a wall, should be inspected and handled by a professional.

  • And any issues with your sump pump, backflow, lealy lines, or other external fixtures definitely require a professional’s services.

Common DIY Plumbing Jobs

If you want to get your hands dirty, there are repairs that you might be able to do yourself!

  • Unclogging toilets, sinks, and showers/tubs can all be done by homeowners.

  • Installing a new faucet or fixing the leak on your existing faucet is also reasonable; you can even add accessories to aid in water conservation.

  • Also, most minor issues involving your toilet can be fixed pretty easily.

  • If you decide to take on a DIY plumbing repair, however, it’s essential to have the necessary tools, whether that means purchasing wrenches, a toilet/drain auger, a tape measure, or any other tool the job calls for.

Plumbing problems can quickly affect our everyday lives, which is why it’s important to handle plumbing repairs promptly and effectively. Do your research as you determine which tasks you should try yourself and which you should bring in a professional for. Just keep in mind that mistakes can be costly, so it might be wiser to err on the side of caution.

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Article Submission: Julian Lane

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