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6 Steps to Take Before Your Career Relocation

You’ve decided to move to a new city or state for your career. First of all, congratulations! Whether you’ve been offered a new position or are still trying to find a job in your desired location, this is a big step for you and your family. And it’s important to take a moment to celebrate.

But it’s also time to start thinking through your moves. The more diligently you prepare, the better equipped you’ll be when the moving day arrives. Suzi Farajiani has listed six pre-move tips to prepare for your career relocation!

1. Secure Employment

It’s challenging enough to settle into a new home and city when you have a job. But when you’re out of work, it can be especially difficult to adjust to the cost of living and maintain stability. If you’re relocating without a job, dedicate time each day to filling out applications and seeking interviews.

You might also update your resume to ensure it makes you stand out as a candidate. Remember that many hiring managers and business owners get tons of applications each day. You can create a custom resume that shines among the competition by using a resume template. These templates allow you to add any text, photos, or colors you need.

2. Review Your Options

Your employer might offer a stellar relocation package. And the only way to know is to ask (if they haven't already told you). Some companies will help you buy and sell your home, and some even cover the costs of house-hunting trips. Other companies will pay for the entire relocation process and help your spouse get a new job if they want one.

Even if your employer doesn’t offer assistance, you could try your hand at negotiating options. Give a rough estimate of your moving costs to a manager to see if they will reimburse all or at least a portion of the expenses.

3. Test Out Your Destination

If possible, visit your new area before you make the move. You and your family can explore various neighborhoods on your visit to see what kinds of local businesses, attractions, and residents are like.

If that's not an option, thoroughly research the location to get a feel for where you’ll be living. City government sites and tourism sites are excellent resources for researching a destination if you’re unable to travel there.

4. Check the Cost of Living

One of the most important steps of your career relocation is to identify the cost of living in your destination. Look at the costs in different neighborhoods and compare them to those in your current area. Many companies will compensate for the difference in your salary, but that's not a given.

If it appears you’ll be in a financially tight spot when arriving at your new home, consider renting an apartment and putting some of your belongings in storage. You could also reach out to coworkers to see if they know of any affordable neighborhoods.

5. Get a Home

Now, to the fun part! Unless you know somebody in your new city, you don't want to relocate without having somewhere for your family to lay their head. Take time to research the housing market in your new area to find a home you can comfortably afford that meets all of your family's needs. And be sure to leave a cushion in your budget for unexpected expenses.

The median home price in Los Angeles is currently $985,000. If you plan to rent when you first arrive, keep in mind that the average apartment costs $2,661 a month. Working with an experienced real estate agent like Suzi Farajiani will relieve the stress of finding a home and help you navigate the purchase process with ease!

6. Plan the Move

Finally, diligently plan every aspect of your move, and your entire experience will go more smoothly. Find a reputable moving company and set a moving date at least one month before you relocate. And start packing up your belongings a few weeks leading up to the move; clearly label each box so the movers know precisely where to put them in the new home.

Your career relocation is a cause to celebrate, and the prospect of beginning a new chapter should fill your family with excitement! Don’t allow stress to overshadow your joy. Consider the tips above as you diligently plan your relocation, and remember to hire professionals who can help along the way!

Are you looking to buy or sell a home in Los Angeles or Ventura County? Contact Suzi Farajiani today!

Article Submission by Paul Denikin

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